Marble Ridge Specialty Farms is proud to offer a wide range of some of the highest grades of premium, heart-healthy Wagyu beef. Genetics play a large part in what makes our Wagyu beef a cut above the rest. With precise tracking of the origin of each herd of cattle, we are able to consistently provide a premium product that is guaranteed to impress even the most elevated palates.

Marble Ridge

Rooted in the small town of New Haven, Missouri, Marble Ridge Specialty Farms is the latest venture of Tim Scheer and his family. Spanning 150 acres of lush farmland just a few short miles from the Missouri River, Marble Ridge began as a table talk daydream that quickly turned into live and active reality. After the last decade of sourcing the highest quality meats, winning over judges on the barbecue circuit, and earning himself multiple World Champion titles, owner and founder, Tim Scheer, happily returns to his farming roots with Marble Ridge Specialty Farms. Tim comes from a long line of hardworking farmers and spent his childhood and teenage years tending to his family's hog farm. As a result, he is dedicated to raising and providing the best meat available in an effort to share his love for quality meat so others can experience and enjoy the exceptional flavors.