We are proud to offer you a broad range of specialty meats, including bison, wild boar, Wagyu beef, game birds, venison and elk.

Grand Western is known for supplying the highest quality meat and specialty foods to operators and retailers across the United States and abroad.

We are dedicated to dedicated to provide a superior customer service while procuring the finest assortment of specialty meats. Start by choosing partners and processing plants working with the highest standards. Following up the hard work put in by farm partners is the dedication of the staff to maintain the cold chain throughout. Your eventual main course is temperature controlled every step of the way to your doorstep.

Our partners must adhere to a strict set of guidelines, ensuring that the animals are raised in the most natural, holistic way possible. Happy animals on one side of the fence lead to happy customers on the other. We believe in bringing you only the best, and nothing short of that will do..

Sold as Boxed and Single Loin.