Premium Beef:   Sitting down and enjoying a meal together is all about flavor — something Sterling Silver® Premium Beef provides in abundance. That’s why we hold our premium meat to the highest levels of quality and consistency, ensuring you serve premium beef that delivers unparalleled flavor every time.

Top Tier:  We accept only beef from the very top tier of Choice and Prime grades. Our standards are based on quality, not breed, so all Sterling Silver Premium Beef is highly marbled for rich flavor and aged to perfection.

Sterling Silver Premium:   Our Beef is carefully sourced from the North American Great Plains and hand-selected for optimal quality. The results are unsurpassed cuts of beef that provide exceptional flavor, tenderness and juiciness every time.

Premium Beef: Sterling Silver Premium Beef has always taken pride in the tenderness of our products. Our consistently high standards for quality grade, marbling and aging have been in place for years, ensuring every cut is tender, juicy and flavorful every time. So it is no surprise our beef met the criteria for the newly introduced USDA Certified Very Tender without a single change to our process. Because when you’re dedicated to delivering legendary dining experiences, it only makes sense to start with the best.

Sold as Boxed Beef, Single Loin & Portion Control.

Why Sterling Silver Premium Beef

Maximum marbling for 80 percent more flavor, ensuring a tender, juicy and flavorful eating experience.

Distinctively Tender

Sterling Silver Premium Meats deliver a distinctively tender, juicy product that helps drive more customer to your doors.

Premium Beef

Our premium beef comes hand-cut from the top 12% of all beef and is expertly aged for optimal flavor.